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    I love to read. It’s a way to relax and be entertained, but most of all one learns, grows and expands ones thoughts and understanding.

    There are so many books – thousands each month come off the mammoth presses throughout the world, all bound and ready to be devoured.   One person could never get through all the pages being offered; so how does a person choose when there is such a large selection?   I read reviews and seek the recommendation of others.  Books by authors that have previously delighted you are always a good bet, however sometimes just picking up a book by a new author and giving it a spin is rewarding.

    In the TF Book section, I offer my modest view along with others who love to read.

         - Steve
Books for the enjoyment
and passion of words,
thoughts, and disiplines.
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"Throughout, Holmes maintains his trademark elegance and verve, and an endearing use of emphatic italics to keep the reader infected with his enthusiasm."
- Maggie Fergusson
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