Chuck Barry
- Havana Moon
- Rock and Roll Music

e. e. cummings
- somewhere i have never travelled, gladly behond
- If

Gwendolyn Brooks
- Sadie and Maud
- when Mrs. Martin's Booker T.

Rita Dove
- Exit

Robert Frost
- The Road Not Taken
- Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Bob Hicok
- Home improvement in memoriam
- The Maple

Kien Lam
- Light Perception

Cynthia Madonald
- Wait in the Chair

Edna St. Vincent Millay
- Renascence

Edgar Allan Poe
- The Raven

Shel Silverstein
- Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout

Paul Simon
- I am a Rock

Ernest Thayer
- Casey at the bat

Leonard Cohen
- Dance Me to the End of Love

Emily Pauline Johnson
- The Song My Paddle Sings

Dennis Lee
- Alligator Pie

Robert Service
- The Cremation of Sam McGee

Ireland, Republic of
W.B. Yeats
- The Second Coming (1919)

Joseph Karl Benedikt Freiherr von Eichendorff
- At Sunset *
Hermann Hesse
- Spring*
- September*
- When I go to Sleep*
   *Four Last Songs: the poems that comprise the final song cycle by Richard Strauss

Theresa Lola
- Portrait Of Us As Snow White
- Telephone Call

Paul McCartney
- All My Loving
- Yesterday

William Wordsworth
- The Prelude - book 4 excerpt (1850)

Steven H. MacDowall
Photo by Anthony MacDowall, April 14, 2017
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Edgar Allan Poe Stamp:
for Now, Not Nevermore
Revered Poet, Father of Mystery Novel, commemorated on 200th day of  his birth
Issued: January 16, 2009
Release No.  09-005

Wordsworth Stamp: Grasmere.
June 3, 1970  UK
1/6 1 shilling sixpence
from engraving by J. Farrington, R.A.