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       26 - Amelia Earhart’s Mysterious Death
                          Shouldn’t Overshadow Her Life

       27 - Netflix for cars? Subscription services
                          changing how people get behind the wheel

       28 - My #1 trick to make writing every day easier

       29 - Welcome to the World, Little Fish.
                          In 14 Days You’ll Start Making Babies.

       30 - Black widow spiders creep northward
                          Want to be a citizen scientist and help track spiders?
                               Researchers suggest apps, offer tips

       31 - Buying Scotch whisky casks
                          the latest craze as demand soars globally

       32 - Why no one at GM is allowed
                          to walk around on their smartphones

       33 - The Deadly Lure of City Lights

       34 - Asylum-seeker surge at Quebec border
                          choking Canada’s refugee system

       35 - The planet is on a fast path to destruction.
                          The media must cover this
                               like it’s the only story that matters.

       36 - How the Ballpoint Pen Killed Cursive
                          Thicker ink, fewer smudges, and more strained hands:
                               an Object Lesson

       37 - How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town
                          New York’s empty storefronts
                               are a dark omen for the future of cities.

       38 - How Fish and Chips Migrated to Great Britain
                         The fried fish was introduced by Jews f
                              leeing religious persecution.

       39 - Organic waste - Cities Protection - Tree Canopy

       40 - The Case for Greatness in Classical Music

       41 - President Trump has made 6,420 false or misleading claims
                         over 649 days

       42 - 8 simple ways to become a better business writer
                        Most of us need to write every day.
                       Here are a few tips to make it less painful.

      43 - She couldn't find a girls baseball team for her daughter,
                        so she started a league of her own

      44 - Value Soars for Leonardo da Vinci Drawing
                        After ‘Salvator Mundi’

      45 - Hopper Painting Sells for Record $91.9 Million at Christie’s

      46 - Who gets more done — office workers or telecommuters?

      47 - ‘Toxic’ is Oxford Dictionaries’ 2018 word of the year.

      48 - This Syrian refugee is living the classic Canadian dream

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      50 -

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