Steven H. MacDowall
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Steven H. MacDowall

    I was born and grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My sister, Evelyn, still lives there.  My wife, Beverly who I met when I was visiting Wisconsin, USA. 
    Our three children – Nathan the eldest and daughters Danielle and Elizabeth were all born in Toronto, however we moved to Moncton when they were quite young, so they consider themselves ‘East Coasters’. Our daughter Danielle has three beautiful daughters, Shannon  Hailey, Jorja Lee, and Jesse Laura-May Evelyn. Our youngest daughter Elizabeth has a son,  Anthony John Hudson.
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    Moncton is in New Brunswick, which is on the east coast of Canada, only a twenty minute drive from the Atlantic Ocean.
    If you are in Europe (France, Spain, Italy etc.), we are five hours behind your time.  So at 11 a.m. lets say in Germany it will only be 6 a.m. where I live.
    Moncton's population is 71,889 people; in Greater Moncton's (within 15 km) population 144,810 people.
Greater Moncton, including the communities of Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview, is the fastest growing and most dynamic urban centre in Atlantic Canada.
(Growth from 2006 to 2011: Moncton:7.7%, Dieppe 25.6%, Riverview is 7.3%)
(Growth of Greater Moncton from 2006 to 2011: 9.7%)
Other Facts on Greater Moncton:
Language Distribution:
Anglophone: 85,500 (65%)
Francophone: 48,735 (32%)
French & English: 2,260 (2%)
Other: 5,235 (7%)
Hospitals: 2 (800 beds)
Universities: 2
Community Colleges: 2
Other: 11
High Schools: 6
Elementary & Middle Schools: 35

    New Brunswick has cold winters with temperatures ranging between plus 5 to minus 30 degrees Celsius and the other extreme hits us in the summer, which is all too short, but the temperatures ranges from 25 up to 32 degrees Celsius.

    I love music; Classical, Jazz, Blues, and of course Rock.  Reading and cooking are my other passions. I also paint in watercolour, but that is a mood thing – I can become completely absorbed in my painting for weeks at a time and than hit a complete fallow period where I don’t even touch a brush.

    The majority of my professional career was spent in Design, Marketing and Advertising with large companies and then I established my own business.
    I now also teach, conducting English lessons throughout Europe and since 1998 I have published an online post/blog called The Thursday File.
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Ink drawings on paper - started on January 1 2013
One drawing per day based on a monthly theme.
January 18 2017 
Nov 18 2015
Jan 16 2016
I work in Watercolour - "Morning Graze" private collection -
Also published in a Limited Edition Print.
Aug12 2013  
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Beverly  MacDowall
Photo by Steven MacDowall
Our Grandchildren
October 9th 2018
Beverly and Steven's
42nd Wedding Anniversary

Photo is from
October 9th 2016