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The   T h u r s d a y     F i l e
Time Line
1998 October: First email went out
2002 March Nathan started with IT
2002 July: developed our first Data
        Base and Web site
2004 Evelyn started to Edit the File
2005 October: we stopped publishing
2005 November: we stared up again
2006 June reached  our 10,000
2007 April - Data base problems
       - loss of  over 8,000 subscribers
2007 July: New Data Base and we
       start to rebuild our subscripton
2007 July: New coloured email
2007 August: Ist survey with
       5 questions; 22% responded
2007 November: our 9th Anniversary
2008 June TF  network started
2008 August 4 New Web Site went live
2008 November; our 10th Anniversary
2009 February 19 1st Poll -- TF#482
2009 March - Quotation pages New
2009 April - Readers Photo page New
2009 May - Gallery of Friends New
2009 May - Vine & Wines New
2009 May - Books New
2009 June 25 - Our 500th Issue
2009 Oct 29 Quotes in Opening #518
2009 Nov. - our 11th Anniversary
2010 Sept - took time off
2010 Oct - our 12th Anniversary
2010 Dec 2 - New design - #565
2011 Jan 4 - Publish first English
       Tutor Newsletter
2011 June - October - took time off
2011 Oct - 13th Anniversary Issue
2012 Jan - started to publish after
        a short break
2012 June to  May 2013 I took a year
        off from publishing.
2013 June 13 -  published #606
2014 Sept 18 last TF sent out #641
2015 June 24 - data base - reworked
2015 July 02 - new design - new focus
2016 - Missing a lot of post
2016 October 13 - trying to get back
        on track
2017 May - re-design TF pages
2017 April - calling our TF weekly post
        a 'blog'
2017 June - new icons with the logo better to seperate the sections.
2017 Nov 23 - Issue #700
2017 Dec - 3 New Files > 1: Coffee -
        2: Wine - 3: Welcome Photos
2018 March 1 - Online Gallery
       featuring Steven H MacDowall's
       watercolours and ink drawings
2018 November 1 - Published TF 743
        - Online Gallery is
        offline - reworking it along with
        other Art pages
        - building up Coffee site with
        Coffee quotes and Coffee
        Glossary and Go Deeper
Evelyn's photo by Steve MacDowall © 2007
Steve's photo by Elizabeth MacDowall (Liz)  © 2011
Nathan's Photo by Steven MacDowall © 2009
Evelyn                                        Steve
Anthony and Steven 2016
Steven H. MacDowall
Photo by Anthony MacDowall
   History of The Thursday File
    I sent out the first file in October 1998 to ten friends that I wanted to share titbits of information with that appealed to me; it was a simple text consisting mainly of quotations and a potpourri of material that had captured my interest.  As it just happened to be a Thursday, I, in jest, elected to name it “If it’s Thursday…it must be Steve!”
    Several of my friends sent the file to their friends and I began to receive requests.  Within a few weeks I was sending the file to over a hundred people and the content had expanded.
The administration became mind boggling and eventually I purchased a new data base that allowed people to opt-in and out on their own.
    As the site grew, I realized I needed help and thankfully my talented and computer savvy son, Nathan, stepped in.  He designed, built and maintained the site. The look and content has changed dramatically over the years as we kept tinkering with new ideas.
    In 2004, my sister, Evelyn, who lives in Toronto, joined us.  Initially Evelyn just edited our copy; then she offered “suggestions”. Knowing my sister, I correctly translated that to mean - “use my suggestions”.  Truthfully, working with her has been fun and has kept us even more connected.
    In 2012 we took a long break from the Digest.
UPDATE: We published TF Digest #606 on June 13 2013. We are back.
UPDATE: We Have designed a new Thursday File to be published July 02 2015. New design, new format but we are keeping the quotations.
UPDATE: I've have missed a lot of posts over the past year, different reason, from sitting the grand Kids to an abuntence  of work and other endeavirs surounding I've taken on. I hope to get it back on track with TF#676 on October 13 2016.
UPDATE: April 2017 - we have re-designed our Thursday File web pages. Over the next few months we will be digging deeper into previous pages and re-working them into the new design.
We have called our Thursday File weekly post a 'File', 'Newsletter', 'Digest' but we have settled on 'Blog'; 'The Thursday File Blog'
Update: March 1st 2018 - Online Gallery featuring Steven H MacDowall's watercolours and ink drawings - 8 works in total; each month will show a different grouping.
TFB #714 published
Update: November 1st 2018
- reworking the online gallery - re-thinking my art pages
- building up the coffee site
- TFB #743
...for the enjoyment
and passion of words,
thoughts, visuals and disciplines.