The Work: Seventy Two series (No. 56), Dispelling Anger, 2009
The Artist: Lucy Liu

Seventy Two, a grid of 72 small paintings, mostly black ink on white paper, quickly executed. Some look like Chinese calligraphy, others are more western-influenced, abstract smears and blots. Some look highly deliberate, others accidental.

Lucy Liu
When not appearing on stage or screen, Liu can often be found in her art studio in New York. Born to Chinese immigrant parents in Jackson Heights, New York, Liu attended the New York Studio School for drawing, painting and sculpture from 2004 to 2006. For over two decades Liu’s practice as a visual artist has encompassed, and often combines, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, embroidery and collage. She has had solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Nova Scotia and Munich.
Below: The 72 abstract illustrations
The works in a Book
“Seventy Two” which is a composed book of her 72 inks and acrylic paintings on paper.

    The publication has been produced in two editions:
1- Limited Edition - edition of just 72 copies plus three artist proofs.
ISBN: 9780956873811
Size: 300 mm × 390 mm (h × w)
Pages: 192
Images: c. 80 colour/bw
Format: Hardback in solander box,
one signed giclée print
Price: £ 680
2- The Special Edition version of Lucy Liu – Seventy Two takes the form of a hardback, cloth-covered and silk-screened book, presented in a matching slipcase. The book, which was over two years in development, was printed and bound by Editoriale Bortolazzi Stei (EBS), Verona, Italy (Europe).
ISBN: 9780956873804
Size: 300 mm × 390 mm (h × w)
Pages: 192
Images: c. 80 colour/bw
Format: Hardback in slipcase
Price: £ 200

Lucy Liu and Patricia Fields vewing the book.